Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time to stop?

It is hard to know when to call a painting finished, sometimes it just comes down to not knowing what else to do and letting it ride.  Sometimes that is good and prevents overworking something and leaving some freshness to the paint strokes, other times I just don't know.  I keep thinking of what I might do differently and nothing is "dawning" on me so perhaps it is done.  There are parts of this painting that I love and some parts that I only like or are indifferent to- is that enough?

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loehrke said...

In my opinion you have finished this painting.
It's now up to viewers of the painting to admire it and let their imaginations take it in and go to places in their mind with the painting as a taking off point.

Unless you wanted to give the horse googly eyes.
Because that would be genius.